Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 - Survey Style

1. Who kissed you on New Years? I spent it with my family at an Ashram; we exchanged cheek kisses and hugs.
2. Did you have a New Year's Resolution this year? Nope. Never do.
3. Does it snow where you live? Yeah, tons. And last year we came within 40 cm of the record set in 1970/71 with a total of 414 cm. (the city spent 18.5 MILLION on snow removal alone)

4. Do you like hot chocolate? Yep, sure do! Especially candy-cane hot chocolate from Timmies!
5. Have you ever been to Times Square to watch the ball drop? Not in person.

1. Who was your Valentine? Tarzan ;-) and Shawn.
2. When you were little did you buy Valentine's for the whole class? Of course. I honestly think they should ban that in grades five and up.
3. Do you care if the groundhog sees its shadow or not? I can never remember which one means a long or short winter.
4. What did you receive for valentine's day? From Keith, I got the pleasure of his company; Shawn I received a keychain fairy pendant, celtic weave ring and a diamond necklace.

1. Are you Irish? My mom's side of the family is and its the culture I most identify with.
2. Do you like corned beef and cabbage? Corned beef, sure; cabbage, not so much.
3 What did you do for St Patrick's Day? I can't remember. I never really celebrate it.
4. Are you happy when winter is pretty much over? What do you mean, pretty much? We got 116.0 cm (3.8ft) of snow in that month alone!

1. Do you like the rain? Yeah, most of the time, because before it rains it 'builds up' for a few days and it gets pretty unbearable.
2. Did you play an April fool's joke on anyone this year? Yep, my mother. I told her Keith and I were engaged. HA!
3. Do you get tons of candy for Easter? No, but I seem to remember a big jar of jellybellys!
4. Did you celebrate 4/20? Um. That would be a negative.

1. What is your favorite flower? Yellow roses and lilacs, but I like almost all types of flowers!
2. Do you celebrate May 16th? What the hell happens on May 16th?!
3. Is May anything special to you? It's the month my life kinda took a hard speedbump this year, so yes (but not really in a good way).

1. What year did/will you graduate from high school? I passed my GED in 2006.
2. Did you do anything fun during this month? Not really. I was still dealing with the fallout from the school situation.
3. Have a favorite baseball team? I hate watching baseball; thats definitely a sport you play.

1. What did you do on the 1st of July? Moved in with Keith!!!
2. Did you go to the fireworks? No, unfortunately, not this year. I made Keith promise next year for sure.
3. Did you blast the A/C all day? I'm fairly certain the AC's went up in June and were never turned off until October.
4. Did you go on vacation? In July? No.

1. What was your favorite summer memory of '08? I think moving in with Keith takes that honour, even if it didn't happen in August.
2. Did you have a sunburn? Of course, I'm the fairest person alive.

3. Did you go to the pool a lot? Not once, and we have one in our apartment complex.

1. Are you attending school? Yes, part-time this year.
2. Do you like fall better than summer? YES!!!
3. What happened this month? I got a job after three months of unemployment, I got back on track with my schooling, all that good stuff.

1. What was your last Halloween costume? I think I was a Russian princess. Grade 7 (1999) was the last year I dressed up.
2 What is your favorite candy? Jellybellys, Gummies, stuff llike that.
3 What was your favorite thing(s)? Mmm, Keith. Yes. He counts.

1. Whose house do you go to for Thanksgiving? Umm Thanksgiving is in October, thank you very much. We went to mine.
2. What are you thankful for? Keith's unwavering support and the general feeling that, while it might be tough goings right now, at least we're both doing it together.
3. Do you love stuffing? LOVE IT!! Especially my MIL's. So good.

1. Do you celebrate Christmas? I can take it or leave it, but this year I surprised myself by how much I enjoyed it. (First "real" Christmas with Keith and his family).
2. Have you ever been kissed under the mistletoe? Not when it actually meant something!
3. What do you want this year? Peace, love and chicken gravy.
4. What do you love most about December? Um. When I'm inside. Also, candy-cane hot chocolate from Timmies!


Micaela said...

You stayed in for 15 minutes? That is nuts! I wonder what the temperature of the water would be in Nanaimo compared to Southwestern Ontario.

*~*kamie*~* said...

how have you been?

hope all is well.

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Just saw your comment about wanting a Berner on Du Wax's site....you don't necessarily need a backyard for a Berner. We have one and lived in a 900 ft condo for two years with her. As long as you are able to take them on walks, they are fine. They are actually kind of lazy dogs.....

La La said...

Neat post! I don't think I could even remember back that far! lol

Tia said...

It looks like you've stopped blogging, but I wanted to let you know I started again :) Hope all is well!