Friday, July 11, 2008


I wrote this in my really old account at journalland when I was 17 years old:
Tuesday 16 November 2004 - 5.05am

You know what I realized I want more in than anything at this moment in my life?

A peaceful, one bedroom apartment, with a dog like Buddy curled on my floor, a cat like Anya curled on the bed, asleep with a boys arms securely around me.

*sigh*I hate 3am longings."

Last night I realized that, 4 years later, it's not a longing anymore. I have it. And it feels better than I ever imagined it could.


weedze said...

now all you need is the ring and the kids.

sarah said...

funny you should say that, dear. Aren't you the one who's supposed to be giving me those? ;)

PS: Elephant Shoes. Lets go cuddle.