Monday, July 21, 2008

Too. Many. (or just too anal?)

We have way too many games (see picture at left for proof) for our respective gaming devices. We also have quite a few gaming devices; collectively we own two Playstation 2's (one regular, one slim), a XBox 360, and a PsP. A Wii (and subsquently, a Wii Fit) have been off-handedly discussed, but that's not for awhile yet.

Anyway, here's the anal part, because I am just one big fat butt, apparently - every single one of these games has to be taken out, dusted, and then checked to see if it contains the right game in the right case. And then sorted according to genre (sports games go in one pile, shooting games go into another, etc) as well as if they are PsP, Xbox, etc. Of course there's a few movies mixed in there, both for DVD and PsP, which need to be sorted as well. In the case of sequels and yearly games, they have to be arranged according to year/sequel, because, dude, would you really expect anything else from over-organizational, anal, little ol' me? REALLY?

(Don't even ask what I do for DVD's, okay? It's best we just don't open that can of worms. Trust me on this one.)

Dad, I hope you're reading this, because this is ALL YOUR FAULT. ha.


Heather said...

We have the exact same machines! I just sort them into what machine they belong to.

With dvds, I have considered alphabetising them, but then I thought that'd be stupid when I could sort them into:

Movies that have sequels/series
Animated movies
Ryan's movies
Heather's chick flicks
Crap we never watch and could give away

I know it's not terribly logical but it works for me!

sarah said...

omg. That's basically the same sorting method I use, except mine go

War movies
Obviously guy
My chick flicks
Stuff we could watch together.

and if they have sequels/series they get put together in that category, and I WAS going to alphabetize them but I did them after the games and I was just sick of it so I said sod it. :P

Heather said...

It is such a good sorting method isnt it? I'll watch all Ryan's movies, but I totally wont watch the bottom shelf stuff (which is partly Ryan's war movies lol).

Kelly said...

I don't have lots of games or dvds but I do have lots of books...but sadly I do not share your "analsim." They are just plonked on the shelves as they came out of the boxes when we unpacked.

That said, I do have my favs on the very top of the bookcase but again in no particular order.

sarah said...

lol, even my bookcase has a certain order to it. Top shelf is 2yearbooks, 2 photo albums, the last 2 years(ish) of Cosmo and then some books like my London Lonely Planet/dictionaries, etc.

Second shelf is stuff I'm actually proud to say I bought/I own, but it all has to be arranged in some loose sense of height (and I like putting the hardcovers all together starting on the left side), and of course different books by the same authors are put together. Although until recently it was the shelf for all my textbooks, but those are in boxes, packed away for now.

Third shelf is a mixed shelf - both Keith and I's, although mostly my books are just what wouldn't fit on my 2nd shelf (but still am proud to have in my library).

Fourth shelf is "i don't why I still keep you, I haven't read most of you in years (if ever)." I don't know why I keep them, honestly, except maybe they're the ones that (mostly) survived this whole crazy journey and either I brought them from home or I picked them up along the way (for free) and thought they were entertainable enough to keep around. Next to that is plastic 3-tiered little storage unit that has its own organizational system (and I must say it's pretty great when you're dealing with a desk that has no extra room/drawers).

Fifth shelf (and FINAL) is just for random stuff that is important to me, like a little box of all my "doubles" photos (also, neatly in ziploc bags labelled by both event and chronological order).

DUDE, I really am starting to think I have a problem with over-organizing. Like, Monica-esque problem. YA THINK??

5th shelf is also home to stuff like a big black binder from grade 10 that now houses things like every report card from K-grade 7, just random stuff like that. It's mostly just for storage.

Setting up my bookcase takes a good chunk of time (easily a half hour, maybe more?), but because I've had this system for so long, once it's all in place then I don't mess with it. Also it's been in that format for so long it really HAS to be that way or I feel kind of, off? I guess.

Kay, now that I've just TOTALLY bored you all to tears of how much of a perfectionist/over-organizer I am, I'm gonna go cool off in our air cond set at 66 degrees/fan on high at all times bedroom. It's like a personal slice of the Artic some days. It's really refreshing :)

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