Friday, July 4, 2008

fridayfive #5

If a traveling food show were to visit your neighborhood, what are some unique, regional foods it would spotlight, and where would it go to get them?
Um, Ottawa has about 93 (according to shawarma places across the city, so while they aren't exactly "regional" (they're Lebanese) that would be a definite must-taste.

On an American cable show, a celebrity chef surprises people by challenging them to a contest featuring their own specialties (he usually loses). If he challenged you to your specialty, what dish would you prepare? If he challenged someone you know, what would that dish be, and how might the competition turn out?
If he challenged me, it would be to see who can dial the local 1 for 1 pizza the fastest. Ha.

What are your feelings about cooking shows on television?
I like them, don't necessarily watch them. Except for Take Home Chef, which I think is kinda creepy. They totally do it.

What kitchen gadgets have you purchased because you saw someone using them on television?
Nothing. My dad bought me a George Foreman grill once though, I really wish I had hung onto it.

You get to (or have to, depending on how you feel about it) host your own food show on television. What will it be called and what’s it about?
I'm tired and not really up to being creative tonight, so I'm going to cop-out and say "No Idea". Sound good?


Chelle said...

Agree on all Take Home Chef comments. Plus, he always goes home with serious twits. I can never stand the chicks.

Heather said...

I love watching 'iron chef' coz it is sooo tacky and the food is always something I wouldnt eat lol.

Kamie said...

I heart the food network.