Thursday, July 31, 2008


I'm watching So You Think.... right now.

My favourite girl just got eliminated. First I screamed a long, drawn-out 'noooooooo' and Keith just asked me if I was going to cry.

I might.

Now it's time to find out about the boys...

Eh. Got what I wanted, but I didn't really care about the guys as much as the girls.

Damnit, I'm so disappointed Chelsie didn't make it to the top 4. I love her! All Courtney does is stupid fling-yourself-and-your-hair-around contemporary. Chelsie does ballroom/latin, and DAMN GOOD stuff at that. So disappointed.

*sniff sniff*

Now onto watch the last hour of Last Comic Standing. We're at the Top 8 right now, being narrowed down to the Top 5. I'm pulling for the (only) female and (only) Canadian to make it. Cross your fingers for me!

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