Monday, July 7, 2008

Before: The Kitchen (A Series)

Yay! I found the camera cord! Apparently we've collectively taken 150 photos since Stratford....someone has trigger fingers! (ahemKeithahem)

Anyway, I'm happy about it because now I can show you the mess I've been dealing with this past week. Of course there will be "after" photos as well when it's all perfect, but yeah. And because I REALLY don't feel like fiddling with Blogger and pictures at 2am, I'm going to show you one room at a time, starting with the kitchen. Prepare to recoil in horror.


The KitchenThis is the floor I was talking about. YEUCH.
(And yes, that is Elvis' litter box front and centre -
there was no other place for it, honest! It has since been moved to the foyer.)

One corner of the kitchen:
(we ended up keeping the bookcase; it's now in the foyer next to the litterbox.
The plan is to use it for cat dishes on the top shelf and Molly's dishes on the bottom)
And this is the other corner/counterspace. The fridge is the white thing in the photo above and the stove is the yellow thing in the corner. Obviously the cupboards are above; the ones above the sink are for tupperware/everyday dishes and the ones above are for food and everything else.

Stay tuned to see how (good?) it actually turns out.....


Anonymous said...

its starting to look good now and where are the pics of the bedroom.

Heather said...

It's actully not as bad as my mind had conjured up lol. Maybe that's coz Ryan and his mum are terrible hoarders so most of my house is that cluttered lol.

Looking forward to the next lot for comparision.