Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So within an hour of finding out that, yes, Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer is being released on FREAKING SATURDAY, I have pre-ordered my copy from Amazon!!! WOOO!!

Stupid thing is that it says it won't ship until August FIFTH, arriving August 7th. Like anyone who pre-orders it three days in advance really wants to wait a WEEK after the release date. Silly Amazon. But I'll wait, because it's cheaper than going to the store, and I don't have to risk the store running out of copies. Not to mention the hordes of people trying to buy the book the old fashioned way. *shudders* No, I'd rather wait, thank you very much.

So now I own every single book by this author, including her adult novel The Host. (Which is definitely worth a read, by the way. Very interesting concept. Just have to get through her ever-growing penchant for long, overly descriptive passages).
And, just for the record, I discovered, read and loved Twilight WAAAAY before it became the swollen-ego(ed?), much-hyped, obsessively loved series it is today. Which is probably the only reason I'm buying this book. I'm not really obsessed about it;I'll admit its a (very?) good piece of YA fiction, but like I said, I only found out about the release date an hour and a half ago. And I distinctly remember being a little dissatisfied with her last novel in the series, Eclipse.

Now I just sit back and wait until it arrives. I would be lying if I wasn't hoping it'll arrive before the 7th, though. Fingers crossed!

ASIDE: It's SYTYCD tonight. We're down to 6 dancers. I hope the Top 4 is Josh/Katee/Chelsie/Twitch. Or Mark. I don't really care who the fourth person is now that Will is gone. But Twitch slightly more than Mark.
I've said 2 things about this episode: a) if Josh's choreography doesn't have lifts in it, I'll eat my hat. And post it on youtube for the world to see. and 2) If they do that "IV Real" hand gesture thing ONE MORE TIME, I'm pulling a Mary Murphy and screaming at random times throughout the night. Yep, I am. I HATE that "IV Real" thing.


Ammietia said...

I was going to pre-order Breaking Dawn as well, but Friday I'm being dragged by my two Twilight-fan friends to the Masquerade at the local Chapters.

I was also one of the people who loved Twilight before it hit it big. It annoys me how all the squealing fan girls brag about being the first to have bought the book when they bought it after the advertising companies got to the book. Same thing happened to The Golden Compass, and I had that book years before the whole thing exploded.

Gotta love mass marketing.

Heather said...

"Long, overly descriptive passages" is enough to make me not buy a book lol.

We just finished the audition process last night (I caught the end of it after dance class) and supposedly top 100 is on Friday night. Now we have it twice a week at least we will catch up a bit. Last time we got it two days after USA viewed it so it is torture to be this far behind. We dont even have an announced top 20 yet lol.

Neurotic Grad Student said...

I have just discovered these books. I have not figured out exactly how to get my hands on a book yet, but it may involve bribery of my husband to get him to a bookstore for some vampire love.