Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Before: The Bedroom (A Series)

This is (obviously) our bedroom. It was the least dirty of all the rooms in the apartment, but I forgot to take a picture before we started cleaning the floor. Just imagine it covered in stuff, okay?

Most of this room just required cosmetic cleaning, like vacuuming and steam cleaning the floor and washing the windows and walls. And, of course, furniture.


Heather said...

Liking the colour of the floor.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the finished room! Having just moved, I'm immersed in a gigantic wish list for every room in the house. Let's say, I'll be wishing for a while!

Anyway, keep up the great work. There is something really satisfying about making a place your own.

sarah said...

Oh, I TOTALLY get you about the wish list for every room. Thankfully we have decent enough furniture that it doesn't need to be replaced, but I keep looking at and wishing I had enough money to transfer a good 95%of their stock onto canvas and hang it on my walls. ha.