Saturday, July 12, 2008

fridayfive #6

Oops, I forgot to do this yesterday with everything that was going on. So here's the fridayfive, a day late.

1) What are some recurring dreams you’ve had?
The recurring dreams I have are usually about rape or brutal murder or being chased or just generally unpleasant things. I've also had recurring dreams where Keith was cheating on me and/or leaving me. THOSE SUCK, but I get major cuddles when I wake up from those.
2) What is the significance of dreams in telling you about yourself?
I don't really put much stock in dream analysis. To me, dreams are just your subconscious firing random synapses. Or something. I don't believe it's your mind telling you things or even "a dream is a wish your heart makes, when you're fast asleep".
(fifty half points if you can tell me the Disney movie that's from).
3) How do you feel after you’ve had one of THOSE dreams?
What kind of dreams are THOSE dreams? If it's a nightmare then I usually wake up breathing hard and my heart racing. Then I usually stay up a bit just to make sure I don't dream about it again. The mental images are sometimes hard to make my brain forget.
4) What was the last dream you remember?
I've been having dreams every night for the past week, but I can't remember any of them more than five minutes after waking. Except for the (recurring throughout the night) one where Keith cheated on me & then left me a couple of nights ago. Weird thing is, when we woke up that day, Keith informed me that he had a dream that I told him I "didn't love him anymore" and left him. Pretty spooky eh?
5) When did you last dream about something that later happened as you dreamt it?


Heather said...

Same reaction here...if I have a nightmare I try to stay awake a while longer. The worst I've had were when I read a Patricia Cornwell novel, I kept having nightmares every night where someone murdered my dad or my sister and in the end I put the book down and stopped reading it lol.

Heather said...

Hey I was in Ikea today and I saw some of your mirrors.

Those photos are seriously deceiving about size! The one with the string was really big, the circle is bigger than the entire outside of the mirror with little circles surrounding it.

Also, number five (that reminds me of an aerial shot of a trampoline), the wire bit doesnt sit flat, it's sorta at an angle out into the room which you cant tell from the photo.

I didnt see three or four there though. We spent two hours daydreaming about decorating lol.

Kamie said...

I hardly ever remember my dreams, but I never like the ones where Dustyn leaves me or cheats on me. They freak me out.

It's always weird when you have a dream that seemed so real that the rest of the day just seems weird and you can't figure out why. Just that weird feeling that something has happened and in reality nothing has.

If that makes any sense. :)