Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Looking Glass Help

I need your help!!! I need to pick out a mirror for the front foyer. I thought it would add a nice touch instead of a photograph or a painting. It's also a really cheap and effective way to make the space seem larger than it is. I plan to put a medium-sized canvas print of probably bright cheery flower(s) in the kitchen, and everything else (except for Keith's 'hockey half-wall of fame') will be thin black framed photographs in black and white. The only thing I'm not sure of is the bathroom. Anyway, this is going above the brown bookcase where we're putting the dog & cat food dishes. and it's right next to the doorway for the kitchen.

I've narrowed it down to five choices, all from IKEA. So what I need from you is to choose your favourite and why you chose it. Please! This mirror will probably be the first piece of decoration people see as they come in.
So, first choice:

This is 29.99$ and, to be quite honest, I love it. I love that it's funky and stylish and I think it would make a great decorative mirror.

Second Choice:This is a bit more expensive at 59.99$, and the vertical lines are actually elastic straps, which I thought would be cool to put pictures in and you can actually re-arrange the straps into different patterns. But would that make it too cluttery? And would the cat (or us?) knock the photos off?

Third Choice:This is also 59.99$. I just like it, but do the etched flowers make it too girly? (it can be hung horizontally as well).

Fourth Choice:

This is back in the realm of 29.99$, and I really can't find too much wrong with it.

Fifth Choice:Also 29.99$ and very similar to the one above. Apparently you can hang things off the metal part, but I don't think we'll be hanging anything on there. At least, I hope not.

So. Which one is your favourite?


Kelly said...

#1 - tres funky!!! Different, eye catching, a very cool thing to see when you first enter your home.

#5 - Slightly more conservative than number 1 but still cool, unusual and edgy.

I think the elastic strips one would annoy me too much.

Heather said...

I like one and two the best but I dont think I'd like number two with photos in it plus cords like that collect dust nicely and are harder to clean off than number one.

Number 3 is a good bathroom type mirror but I dont much like it, and it's style is less versatile than the others?

Number four I have no feelings either way on (though would have loved when I was your age), and number five my first thought was 'hey a trampoline mirror!'

I dont dislike any of them, but I like number 3 the least.

Anonymous said...

oh you must go with 4 its so sexy

Ammietia said...

I like number one and number four the most.

Kamie said...

I am a fan of the first one for sure. I have seen it at IKEA and almost bought it. Other than that, I do like the 4th one.

(I'd have to see the other ones in person.)

Lianna said...

I like the first one too...I saw something similiar at Canadian Tire -- but it was made for outside. I'm thinking of going back to see if it is on sale...(Summer clearance and all that jazz...)

weedze said...

4 all the way baby