Wednesday, July 30, 2008

After: The Bedroom (A Series)

Once, for a brief instance, a very long time ago, this room was clean. Then, we moved everything of mine over and dumped it here. And we started living in it. Without garbage cans. (ick, I know). Because we didn't have visible laundry baskets, our dirty laundry ended up on the floor. Add to the mix two animals who love to chase each other and in doing so, knock everything in their path over, and it started getting messy. Really messy.

But no more. The laundry (all four baskets of it) is clean and folded and put away. The bedside tables have been cleaned off and garbage cans put underneath. The carpet has been vacuumed. The bed has been properly made. The garbage - every last little scrap of it - has been picked up. We moved the dresser around so the TV didn't hang off the edge any longer (it still doesn't look perfect but thats okay) and properly set-up the mini-entertainment system on the other one. Every box and all the other assorted junk has been stored away in the closet, and all the clothes that need to be hung up have been.

It's refreshing and serene to spend time in, and I can't tell you how much it rocks to not have to run an obstacle course from the door to the bed anymore. Or even begin to describe how much the fact that you can see the floor rocks my non-existant socks.

Anyway, onto the photos: (please excuse the horrible quality! ugh)

The view from the doorway. Can you guess which side is which?

The view from one side of the bed. Nothing really too fancy; forgive the closet, the doors don't close.

Two and a half rooms (half room being the foyer) down! Now, just to put the finishing touches on the kitchen and do the living room....we're getting close guys!

(I just realized I'm wearing shoes. Huh. When did I put these on? Weird.)


Kelly said...

Yay! You're nearly there. Must feel really good to have the place looking how you want it. Enjoy!

Heather said...

You dont get a good view of the tv from your side huh!

Your bedroom is much bigger than mine I think...coz we cant fit two bedside tables in and we DEF dot have room for a chair and drawers before we hit the wall (no wardrobe at all).

sarah said...

Heather - that just means I snuggle on over to Keiths side :P
And I think our room looks bigger because our bed is only a double. But yeah, it IS quite large, which I love.