Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Things I Don't Get...

  • This morning I spent ten minutes trying to open a crouton bag. TEN MINUTES. I had to resort to slicing it open with a knife. Its a bloody crouton bag, not Fort Knox. Why are they so hard to open?!!
  • Another thing that baffles me is this whole pollution thing in Beijing being dangerous to the athletes health. WTF? They're just realizing this NOW? Apparently they're giving the cyclists some kind of air purifying masks automatically, and Australia has gone so far as to say that if their athletes feel it's unsafe to compete, they don't have to. Um, WHAT? You're talking about a city that is so filled with air pollution that they're WORKING ON being able to see the sun more than 241 days a year. How the hell did they get the Olympic bid in the first place? The ICO must have been smoking some real good crack if they believed that Beijing could fix such a serious problem in 7 years. Bah.
  • Why anyone would think that wearing anything tight and white is a good thing. Blech! That combination of clothing should not even exist. Not ever. I have nothing against a loose, breezy pair of white linen pants, but when its a pair of tight white short shorts? White is not a very forgiving colour for clothing, people.
  • Why everything thats bad for you tastes so damn good and everything thats good for you doesn't.
  • How I can possibly sleep so much. Seriously. It's getting ridiculous. Last night I slept from 2:30am to 6:50am, then went back to bed around 8:30 and slept until noon. Then I fell asleep around 6pm and slept until 11!! AND I STILL SLEPT FROM TWO THIRTY AM TO NINE AM TODAY. Of course, I've been having super weird, long, detailed, intricate dreams that border on nightmares, but still. That's just too much sleep. Not even Elvis sleeps that much.
  • Why Molly is so terrified of the sound of our flushing toliet. Never fails; everytime we flush, its a big quick scramble to get away. Granted, it IS loud, but you'd think she would have gotten used to it by now. Remind me to videotape it for you guys sometime.
  • I also don't get why I still find it hilarious when she does it. It never fails to crack me up. Does this make me pathetic?


Kelly said...

Hehehehehehe, nice ranting ;)

But I agree whole heartedly on the white clothing thing. Especially on bigger sized people. *shudder*

Heather said...

I think skinny teenaged girls can look 'fresh' wearing short white shorts in summer but if you arent a size 8 or 10 forget it!

Having been to Beijing only 7 months ago, I can assure you that the smog is HORRIFIC still. The place reeks and the sun appears as a vague circle in the haze. They didnt even do the major factory shut downs until last year and when we were there many still hadnt shut down. I totally wouldnt want to force any athlete to compete there if they didnt want to. Just walking down the street makes your boogers turn black and they need to deep breathe!

Does putting the toilet seat down before you flush help Molly?

sarah said...

Kelly - thanks!

Heather - oh, I totally wouldn't either, but doesn't that kinda totally defeat the purpose of COMPETING IN THE OLYMPICS in the first place?
And I've never tried putting-down-the-seat thing.