Thursday, December 13, 2007

never a dull day...

Whew. I just purchased nearly all of our existing furniture plus half of 2.5 months rent plus the deposit money from my roommate.

Total cost? 2575$.

Ouch. Biggest thing in there was the deposit though, coming in at 1000$. Other than that, everything was more than reasonable.

Stuff I got:

2200$ - Rent
175 – TV
15 - Floor Lamp, Lamp in Room & Table
20 – Patio Furniture

20 - Router
50 - Dresser
25 - Computer Chair
25 – Side Tables
5 – Cleaning Supplies, Swiffer WetJet
15 – Cutlery holders & dish drying rack
15 – My Chair
5 – Curtains in Living Room

Stuff I still need:
Kitchen Table & Chairs (I'll just use the patio furniture....ha! how ghetto is that?)
Couches (2) (Skittles is giving me his old couch as long as I can get my own transport)
Coffee Table
Bed (Again, queensized mattress & boxspring FREE if I can get my own transport)


Time to find a roommate guys...need one by January 1st. Must love animals, don't care if you smoke. 480$ per month plus half the Rogers (cable and internet) bill, which comes in at about 80$. No phone though, because I have a cell. Parking is available for an additional 30$. Male or Female, no couples please. Super close to Algonquin (10 minute walk), Baseline Transitway 15 minute walk, 118 right outside the door. College Square Shopping Centre right down the street (which includes beer/liquor store, Loblaw's, post office, etc). Secured entryway.

Think I can find one?

Clock's tickin....


Heather said...

I hate big bill days like that lol...but on the plus side, you're so much closer to having everything you need now and not bad prices either.

Why are the cable/internet called Rogers?

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Ouch! Just wondering why you had to pay $15 for your chair????

her said...

Heather - This isn't a big bill day, this is a big bill for the next four months! Rogers is a GIGANTIC telecommunications company here in Canada - they do home phone, cell, cable and internet. :)

Frazzled - LOL!!! It's actually my roommates chair but I always sit in it - its even got my butt groove in it! But ultimately I've decided not to buy it because I'm going to go with 2 couches set up at right angles to each other and that negates the need for the chair really.