Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ahhh, brainfluff.

So it's September. And fall. (Gee, SHOCKER)


Oh yeah baby, it's new season time!!!

I'm such a television junkie. It's actually not funny, but it is, because it's just that bad. I blame never being able to watch TV on schoolnights when I was younger to my excessive amount of TV watching now.

And, can I just say, I'm SO SO SO happy and grateful that something like PVR exists, because if it didn't, Keith and I would fight. Hockey vs. Whatever show is on that night. It seems silly to fight over something as trivial as the TV, but MAN. Don't mess with my TV viewing pleasure, mmmkay? (Also, it means never having to choose between two shows at the same time, BOO-YEAH)

OH, and another thing, Keith's parents are MEAN. They told me Criminal Minds and Boston Legal weren't coming back for another season at dinner tonight. I believed them for all of five minutes, but gosh, the Internetz is such a handy-dandy tool.

(Is anyone getting what I'm saying or am I just coming off as a crazy girl who appears to want to marry her TV?)

Mmm, so, anyway, getting back to the point - NEW SEASONS! OF TV SHOWS! OMFG!
I'm trying to keep them all straight in my head of when they premiere. So far I know that:
  • Project Runway 5 is on at 10pm on Mondays.
  • America's Next Top Model is on at 8pm on Wednesdays.
  • 90210 is on at 9pm on Tuesdays.(btw, DO NOT LAUGH. This is TOTALLY Keith's choice. For serious).

I think that's it for what debuted this week.

The other shows I watch and when they debute:

  • Heroes, Mon., Sept 22nd
  • Boston Legal (SO MUCH LOVE for this show. OMG. It's ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS how much I love this show) - Mon., Sept 22nd
  • House Tues., Sept. 16th
  • Eli Stone (IN LOVE with this show. SO IN LOVE) - no idea yet (??!)
  • So You Think You Can Dance Canada, Thurs., Sept. 11
  • Criminal Minds, Wed., Sept. 24
  • CSI: NY, Wed., Sept. 24
  • ER, Thurs., Sept. 25
  • Grey's Anatomy, Thurs., Sept. 25
  • The Amazing Race, Sun., Sept. 28
  • Desperate Housewives, Sun., Sept. 28
  • Flashpoint has been running throughout the summer and ITS AMAZING. OH GOD.
  • Cold Case - still have to find out the where and when of the new season (??!)

(One more thing: Um, finding ALL of this information and stuff? Kinda annoying to do, seeing as its on, like, 3 different channels, and OF COURSE you get the American channel its on instead of the Canadian one, and its all very unstraightforward, and just this side of fustrating. GRRR.

It's like the part in Hitchhikers Guide where Arthur Dent found out where the plans for the new by-pass were on display - in a basement with no lights and no stairs, "on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying Beware of the Leopard."

Yep. EXACTLY like that.)

So, uh, moving along now; enough about my fetish. What shows are you looking forward to the premiere of? Which ones are you not? Are there any new shows this year you're willing to check out? Which ones and why?


Kelly said...

Top Gear.

Apparently the second half of this year's series is supposed to air in the British autumn (so nowish) and I can't wait. We are so behind in NZ that we don't bother to watch it on the telly, we gets it off the internets.

That's kinda the only telly show I watch with a passion. I don't really do telly anymore and nor do I miss it. Shrug.

Heather said...

I'm afraid I'm a bit like you in regards to telly lol.

I loove Heroes, Boston Legal, Criminal minds, Cold case, Grey's anatomy, Desperate Housewives etc...but of that list, Heroes and desp housewives are ultimate favs (along with Lost which is just coz I have to know how it all ends lol).

No idea when it all starts over here.

I am following a new Aussie show called 'packed to the rafters'.

What's that Eli Stone one about (easier to ask you than look it up lol)? Never heard of it!

~kamie~ said...

Let's see. I don't watch too much TV, but here are some favorites. (I didn't laugh at you - don't laugh at me! Ha ha!)

One Tree Hill
American Idol (guess that isn't until Jan or so)
BB10 is just ending here soon. :(

That's about it. I LOVE the Food Network. Like, Love it. Sadly we don't even get it. But if we did, I would watch it 24/7. Alternating with TLC. I am a sucker for food and home improvement shows.

Jess said...

Wow, so much info! I am especially excited about House.

ÄsK AliCë said...

Hey found you through 20sb!

I don't watch much TV, I work two jobs so it's too hard to know when I'll be home so I try not to get into a lot of shows.

I do always make time for America's Next Top Model and The Hills.

I watched 90210 this week actually! It was not too shabby, I guess we'll see how it turns out!

Shandi said...

~~i luv Heroeos cant wait for it to come back as well as prison break mmmm lol and dexter!, oh and criminal minds too... YEAH!