Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I got nothin'. Seriously. Nothin'

Why am I so driven to post in a time when I have absolutely nothing going on?
Wow. Is this post ever hard to write. I've tried to start it no less than 9 times, all on different subjects, and I keep hitting the delete key on all of them.

I've attempted to write about school, jobfront, defense on my alcohol consumption (or lack thereof), my cat's day, the issues with my mother, my addiction to the Sims (what IS it with that game? It's boring and pointless yet OH SO ENGROSSING), past boyfriends, a tirade of how pissed off I'm getting over coughing so hard I have to pant for 10 seconds afterwards to get my breath back (OH MY, that's attractive. not), my (lack of a) social life, all the while bopping along to some of Tupac's greatest hits (currently playing "Wonder why they call you bitch", ahwwyeah).

Quick poll here: Who thinks I use parenthesis too often?

Another quick poll: When faced with a bottle of alcohol that WILL NOT OPEN, would you have done the same?


Kamie said...

I have nothing to blog about either. :P Oh well.

Chelle said...

Now that is creative bottle opening for ya! I hope it tasted all the better for all of the work involved!

Heather said...

All of those random topics would have made for a really interesting entry if you'd put them all together (my speciality-string together crap all and make it an entry lol).