Monday, September 22, 2008

Work Gems

For the record, the girl who trained me? Perfectly nice person. But she was also tactless in a way that was almost insulting, although I REALLY don't think she knew how she was coming across. Like, she would answer your question/help you out, but at the end add something that implied she was smarter, you were too slow/stupid to ever figure it out, stuff like that. (Or maybe I'm too overly sensitive and read too much into it?)

But case in point: At one point during my first day, I asked where the washroom was. She escorted me there - perfectly nice, right?
And then, she went as far as to point directly at the door.
Yes. Because I just beamed down from MARS and I don't know WHAT THE ONE IN THE DRESS MEANS.

Another case in point; after lunch (a half hour break) she came over and asked if I was okay with everything. Perfectly nice.
And then added "People forget everything after lunch".
Yes, because I have the attention span of a GNAT and forget everything within a half hour!!

Grrrr. All day long, little jabs like that. I really don't think she meant it the way it came across, but still. Can you say ANNOYING??!

I take my MP3 player to work, because do you realize how LOUD some 30 odd people are when they're typing away at speeds of 9000/kpm and up? REALLY, REALLY LOUD, in case you're wondering. And there's a group of people that talk. All. Day. Long. I don't know how they can type away and talk about WoW characters at the same time, but somehow, they manage to do it.
So of course, my MP3 player died today before first break (10am), because it runs off a battery. From now on, you can rest assured I will always, always ALWAYS carry an extra battery with me, because today was pretty torturous. I had to deal with a bunch of "P" forms (where all the info is already filled in, you just have to capture the signature) that I couldn't make out the signatures at ALL. One guy even signed his name in Chinese characters! Gaaah.

We're seriously thinking of getting a kennel for Molly so she doesn't destroy the house when we're gone. On Sunday she trashed the living room THREE times. That's just ridiculous! I'm so tired of picking up garbage from the floor. So the first 100$ or so we can spare is going towards that. I'm a bit worried, because you usually start puppies in kennels, not 1-year old dogs, but it's almost to the point where it HAS to be done. Does anyone have any tips on how to make it a smooth transition for her? She'd be in the kennel while we're at work, while we're sleeping, and when we're out of the house. :( She's going to hate me.


Kamie said...

That is annoying. I must have missed it, but what kind of work are you doing? Something that is really loud! :)

Good Luck with Molly. I don't really have any tips... I am not so good with training dogs.

Mandy said...

That is annoying about work. Hopefully it gets better quickly.

As for Molly, when we first got our dog, we bought a pop-up kennel. They have them at Walmart and Targets and they are a lot cheaper than a metal or plastic kennel and they are easily portable. Sandy slept in hers for one night.

Nilsa S. said...

Ahhh, kennels. Yeah, we thought we were going to use one with our rescue dog, but never ended up needing it. Sounds like you do. First, kennels are supposed to be a safe haven for dogs, not punishment. So, it might help to change your mindset a bit to help the dog along.

Second, though I'm no expert, I'd think putting your dog in the kennel when you're around. Just so she can get used to it will help. Put her bed or a blanket or something she sleeps with in there. Put her favorite toys in there. You can even give her treats once she's in there.

And as Cesar Chavez of the Dog Whisperer says ... dogs live in the moment. Soon enough, your dog will forget she ever slept or spent time alone out of it!

Also? Will you do a HUGE favor? Change your feed settings so I can read your whole post through Google Reader. While I love the layout of your blog, it's actually difficult to read your posts here. So, if I can read the whole thing in my reader, then I'm more likely to come visit and post a comment. :-) Thanks!