Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hello, Cutie

Hi Murph.

Big fan here. One might go as far to say as I think you're, like, totally cute. 'N stuff. You know. Sure you're a little young for me (born in 89 and all) but age shouldn't stand in the way of true love lust now should it? Besides, you're like, totally smokin'. Except, not really, because smoking = ew, bad. And you're an OHL goaltender, so smoking? definitely out.

Good game last night against what should be my team, the Ottawa 67's. Except they're not, because they suck. And you, my dear, are so much better (and cuter. did I mention cuter?). You were a little rusty in the first two periods, but with 40 shots on net and only letting 3 in, I think that's a pretty good goal shot average, don't you? Of course you do, you little munchkin!

There were some pretty rude 6-year old boys sitting a few seats over from me, Mike, just hurling abuse at you. And I really wanted to defend your honour, Murph, but they were 6 year old boys. Something tells me that wouldn't be a fair fight. Just know that I really, really wanted to, okay? Yeah, anything for you, my little love muffin.

Kudos on getting the 1st star of the game. And some of those saves, WOOOeee, those were great!! When you make the hometeam applaud for your ability when they'd rather boo, you've achieved something. I felt pretty lonely in a crowd of 9800, cheering for you and your team, but my goodness, was it ever worth it. Thanks for pulling through for me!

One day I will ask for a picture;

Love, Sarah.

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weedze said...

oh someone is a a true puck bunny i better be carefull