Friday, September 19, 2008

General Gabbery

Holy hell, does working full-time ever take it out of me. 6am is EARLY. Like, really really EARLY.

I survived my first half week but I'm kind of dreading doing it for five full days! Oh well. It's really mindless work - I sit at a computer all day and enter package delivery forms (tracker numbers, if its been delivered successfully or not, etc) for Canada Post. You apparently have to do almost 500 a day at 98% accuracy. Uh, slightly stressful? Would be putting it mildly.

After staring at a screen all day the last thing I kind of want to do is come home and be on the computer (Yeah Dad? I heard that "thump" from you falling off your chair in shock all the way over here), so I've been staying away. And I'm exhausted at the end of the day, so it hasn't been that hard. Something to work on is definitely our bedtime/falling asleep time (we try for 11:30ish and sometimes don't fall asleep until 12:30-1am).

I've also decided that Hello? Carpal Tunnel? Nice to meet you. I'd also like to get the feeling in my bum back, please. Who knew your ass could go numb if you sit on it for 7.5 hours a day?

The only thing I'm really struggling with is the breaks - and that's only because I'm a smoker. When you're used to lighting up whenever you want, going two and a half hours just waiting for your next one is a little hard. That being said, I've cut my smoking down dramatically - I now only smoke 4 or so throughout the entire workday. (Dad? STOP FALLING OFF YOUR CHAIR).

Now, in other news;
The Registrar's Office told me that I could not register at ALL for the course I wanted on Wednesday. So I check ACSIS on a whim on Thursday night. Guess what?! Turns out I AM registered, and I just missed my third class in a row. First midterm is next class. OH JOY. Hopefully the prof will let me have a weeks extension or something like that. Sigh.

This weekend is Keith & I's 1-year anniversary. I KNOW. Squeeee. We were going to go out for dinner tonight but K's mom had an anxiety attack and couldn't drive us. We're going tomorrow night though.

And, last but not least, congrats Michelle on finding out! That's what I voted for ;-)


Heather said...

Yay for having a paying job!
Yay for less smoking!
Yay for anniversary!
Doh for job not making you want to write entries lol.

Nilsa S. said...

Happy anniversary!

And if it makes you feel any better, we wake up at the 5 o'clock hour to get to work. 6:00 AM would be sleeping in for us. Sigh.

sarah said...

Nilsa - no no, thats when I'm supposed to REPORT for work. I, too, get up at 5ish to get ready.