Monday, September 1, 2008

I'd like some cheese to go with this whine, please.

I'm not quite sure what to talk about. Didn't really post anything of substance last week because, uh, well, lets just call it "family drama" and leave it at that, because at this point all I really want to do is cover my ears and pull a "LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU".
Geesh. Mothers.

This weekend I've been wondering when exactly I lost the will to drink. Before I would use any excuse to get drunk (what? it's wednesday? time to get a couple of cheap 40's!), now I'm either never in the mood or deem it too much effort. And, in the rare instances I do drink, 9 out 10 times I just get a thumping headache on the road to drunk and its just not worth it. Huh.

Also having trouble breathing and I have a wicked cough that takes my breath away, all the time. Keith keeps telling me "I should go to the doctors" but I know what they'll say, so why bother? Smokers get no credit at the doctors. Hell, we get no credit anywhere. C'est la vie, ma cherie.

Oooooh, PROJECT RUNWAY 5 starts tonight!! I know it's probably over by now in the States, so if any of you have already seen it, LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU.

Molly's been very sucky all day, but she's sucking up to ..... Keith? What? Not that I'm jealous or anything. Nope. Not at ALL. Really.

Well, that effectively killed fifteen minutes of boredom. Back to playing the Sims, I guess. Yawn.


Mandy said...

What? No will to drink? God I hope I never get there...LOL.

Heather said...

A little part of me went 'yay' when you said you had no will to drink lol. Which is weird coz I havent previously spent even a moment of my life thinking about the amount you drink (the same cant be said for a few years back when you were enjoying other mind altering substances more lol).

We are always so far behind with project runway and next top model that I can barely bring myself to watch!

So@24 said...

"This weekend I've been wondering when exactly I lost the will to drink"

Im going to pretend I didnt read that

Tasmine said...

Good words.