Thursday, September 11, 2008


So I got the e-mail back on the "dream venue".....


The actual amount to rent the space itself? TOTALLY WITHIN OUR BUDGET.

Freakin' out jussssst a little bit. JUST A LITTLE.

The catering services are separate, of course, and the venue deals with five, with their in-house one holding the liquor license (so I'm guessing that means two separate contracts if you decide to use one of the other ones). Oh, and I have to add: it's not just ONE of the spaces we want that's within budget, they ALL are (well, one is 125$ over, but COME ON).

Have I mentioned theknot being quite the handy dandy tool? Especially the budgeting sheet. You just type in your budget, the number of guests and then the number of attendants on each side, and it calculates what you can afford in each category.

In case you're wondering why I'm spending my time on (even though I've got, according to their countdown, 1101 more days to go! Hee), I'm unemployed. And it gets boring around here. And when faced with doing yet another load of dishes or browsing pretty flowers and wedding dresses and invitations, I'd rather do the latter, thankyouverymuch.

But speaking of unemployment, I may not be unemployed for long. I got a call today that there might be a possibility of a job for data entry, provided I do the qualifying tests, yaddayaddayadda. Only thing(s) I hate about it is that it's an overnight job - 10pm to 6am - and it's in the West End of the city, which is a bit far. Oh well.

Heeheeheee. The guy from Monty Python is on TV singing how great it is to have an *ahem* boy part. He's funny!

Kay, that's enough chatter. I'm off to do the qualifying tests. Boom bada bing bada bing!


Jess said...

Yay for the venue! And for the job possibility! Fingers crossed!

Mandy said...

Very cool about the dream venue!

Heather said...

How did you get on with the tests?

*is playing comment catch up after neglecting your blog for a few days*