Sunday, September 7, 2008

Election 2008 - Meet the Candidates

Our Prime Minster went to our head of state today - the Governor General - and asked her to officially dissolve Parliament.

Our election date is October 14th, a strategic move by the PM who may want a ballot ahead of the US election, which could put a Democrat in the White House and encourage Canadians to choose a more liberal government (our current government is Conservative).
Canada has five major parties, each with a leader elected by the party members. All five will be on the ballot come October 14th.

Bloc Quebecois:

Leader: Gilles Duceppe

Conservative Party of Canada:

Leader: Stephan Harper (current Prime Minister)

Liberal Party of Canada

Leader: Stephane Dion

New Democratic Party of Canada

Leader: Jack Layton

Green Party of Canada

Leader: Elizabeth May

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