Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Back on track...

yay! I'm connected! I'm connected! (albeit 74$ and a new router Man ALIVE, it felt good to be able to check all the blogs that I read saved in my favourites (at last count, it, 35? yikes).

There's really nothing else to tell. Weathers been awful, but everything else is good; living with Skittles is utterly blissful, I've seen K.02 three times this week (and maybe more to come?).... on Saturday we went out for dinner and then went to The Other Boleyn Girl (for a historical, pretty accurate, and I loved the mother's part, but did they really have to throw in that rape scene? Seriously?) and yesterday we met downtown and did a few things, one of which included getting my *gasp* engagement finger sized! lol. K.02 said I looked really excited while the guy was doing it *major blush* .... eeek. Then I treated him to a dinner out and he skipped his class and came back to my place and we just watched TV and cuddled on the couch (which also doubles as my bed, cha-ching!). So, at last count, I'm deep in major, life-changing love, I have food in my house (for 2 people!), transportation for the month, my bills are paid, my clothes are clean, my animals are safe, my taxes are filed, my prescriptions filled, and my mental head space is in such a better place than it has been for the last two months. And I was even able to save a bit of money for next month as well....=)

*sigh. Life is so, so, so good.


Kamie said...

I am so glad that things are going so well for you! :)

Engagement finger?!?! ;)

You sound so happy!

Heather said...

Do you guys size ring fingers like we do? Mine is R and a half by NZ/Australian standards. Must have been an exciting moment for you!

her said...

Heather - oh heck no ... we go by numbers, my finger is a size 10. (I know, I have super huge fingers, gack). How does yours work? does it start at A and go down or what?

Heather said...

I dont think it starts at an A coz that would be miniscule. I think it probably starts about half way through the alphabet and the further along the alphabet, the bigger the finger (which btw, has half sizes hence me being 'r and a half'). My hands are pretty huge too but I've not met anyone(female) with bigger hands than a v or so.

I think a 10 is roughly the size I was when I was a size u coz we get magazines with the numbering size occasionally and I think my old ring sat nicely on the 10?