Sunday, March 30, 2008

mini rant.

Viewings for apartments.

I'm starting to really despise them.

I'm getting sick (just perfect, I go all winter without catching anything, and now, when winter's nearly over, my throat has a particular hollowness to it that makes it really difficult to swallow) ....anyone have any throat lozenges?

I think I'm starting to go crazy with trying to find a place for April 1st, or as close to that as possible. The loose agreement is I do all the legwork, he provides the money. Viewing tomorrow. Crossing fingers it all works out.

Can you cross yours too?


Kelly said...

*passes Sarah throat drops and crosses fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes*

Kamie said...

fingers crossed! Good Luck.

Feel better!

Chelle said...

See if you can find out how well you would be able to hear your neighbors if you can before signing. I swear the walls in our temporary appartment housing were all made out of rice paper. I totally can't wait to get out of this place in two weeks. Its a light sleeper's hell.

Good luck!