Monday, March 24, 2008

Just realized....

That on Saturday this boy FINALLY gets to shave that face of scruff off and I get my sexy babyface back again!!!!

It's his playoff beard (superstitious hockey players, they're impossible*roll eyes*). Don't get me wrong, I'm not adverse to it (actually, running my hands along (through?) it while we kiss is quite charming) but oh, when he's clean-shaven.....*impish grin* I'll let you finish the rest of that sentence ;-)

I can't believe I'm so excited over the removal of facial hair. :\ Ha. Let's just say it's been a long month?


Kamie said...

That is funny.

I am the opposite.

Dustyn was in school for 3 years and while he was in school he could not have facial hair (in compliance with dress code). I was SO excited when he graduated so he could grow back his mustache and goatee. :)

Heather said...

LolI love Ryan's beard for a couple of reasons, one the same as yours-you can twirl it in your fingers and secondly because Ryan's babyface is so extreme it takes him back to like 16 years old lol.

I demand a shave when his moustache hair goes up my nose when we kiss which I think is totally fair lol.

Your man looks fine either way which not many men can say lol.

her said...

I probably wouldn't mind it as a full time look if he just shaved his neck, or trimmed it occasionally - it's getting so long I can grab it. :s
Not to mention, I could always use it as a hand warmer! lol.

Anonymous said...

lol just for that i may leave it