Monday, March 24, 2008

Oh dear....

Yes, I'm up at 3:30am. Apparently that's what happens when I go to bed at 8:30....oops. looks like K.02 started a blog of his own. I don't exactly know why - but in any case, it should be interesting to read (at least for me, haha). If you're wondering just who Mrs. Sap is, that would be yours truly. *bows* I was pretty tickled to see that he chose one of my favourite pictures of him & my puppy as his header.

Oh, and I had a really weird dream (but what dreams aren't, really?). Heather, I dreamt that, through hints and clues dropped throughout your blog that I finally realized what religion you were - Mormon. (And, yeah, I heard that "WHAT?" that just came out of your mouth. Don't ask me why I dreamt it when I know its not even remotely true. I can't control how my subconscious works! Wait a minute, do they even have Mormonism in NZ and Aus?)

Hmmm, considering all I ate yesterday was a mug of coffee, 1.5 waffles, half a jar of jellybellys and a toasted bagel with butter over a 14 hour period, I think I'm off to rustle up some grub. Byes!

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Heather said...

Lol, that's pretty random! My mind went 'HUH?!?' at that coz you're right, I'm not Mormon lol. Yes there are many mormons in NZ and Australia though they seem more active in NZ from my experience. Well thanks for the entertainment lol.