Friday, March 21, 2008

Heather's meme.

Music style/song? Lately I've been liking Avril Lavinge, Rent Soundtrack, Backstreet Boys, Barenaked Ladies and Reba McEntire....and some new techno that Skittles downloaded on my computer (DJ Hixxy, Scooter, DJ Eadsy).
To eat? Not hungry....well, maybe some frozen toaster waffles later.
To drink? I just fixed myself a big mug of sugary coffee.
Going out to? It's gonna be a lazy day of slothing around home today.
Watching? I'm watching a free episode on my computer of XENA: Warrior Princess - Season 3 Episode 2 : Been There Done That. And last night we watched Enchanted because K.02 bought it for me, the sweetheart!
Doing? This meme, watching XENA and smoking.
Buying? Nothing, I'm flat broke.
Reading? I just finished The Brethen by John Grisham ... SO incredibly BORING and doesn't even have a freaking POINT!!! UGH, I hate wasting more brain cells than I have to and this book was defnitely one of those situations!!
Schoolwise, I need to do all my discussion board topics for my 20th century Canadian Lit class by the end of the weekend. I also have to have the following short stories read for April 11th - "Simple Recipes" by Madeline Thien, "Traplines" by Eden Robinson and "The Second Strongest Man" by David Bezmozgis. And I'm pretty sure I'll be re-reading The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood by Friday of this week as I have a term paper due on it.
Making? Breakfast in a bit.
Thinking? I'm thinking three things - a) where the hell are my slippers, because this floor is FREEZING. b) I wish I were sleepy enough to be curled up beside my (loudly snoring) sweetheart. c) I'm seriously craving some Easter candy right about now, especially jellybeans!


Heather said...

Are jelly beans a traditional easter treat or just a Sarah thing?

Scooter is one of my favourites! Go the techno!

her said...

um, I always had them growing up, so I'm guessing its a traditional Easter treat...but they're my favourite candy, hands down. :)