Thursday, March 13, 2008

A plea

Dear Brain:

Please send the necessary signals to my body to let it know its tired and let me go to bed. I actually have stuff to do tomorrow that requires your professional capacity. Why do you do this to me? Do you just like the drugs I (really try not to) feed you in a desperate attempt to get some sleep? If the latter is the case, I recommend checking into a rehab center somewhere. I'm sorry to have resorted to such drastic measures, but my god dear! you are one stubborn brain to be in possession of.

Have I told you lately you're behaving like a 3 year old? Who insists he's "a bwig bwoy now mumma, dun need naps!" complete with foot stamping and crossed arms? Well, if I haven't, then consider this me telling you. And as much as you'd like to think otherwise, 3 year olds still need to sleep every day. AS DO YOU.

So, if you'll just fire those lovely chemical reactions that produces what I'm asking you by, oh lets say, 0400 hours, that would be swell.

Your Self.

-It's my brothers big THREE-ZERO today. Happy Birthday, you slightly-old-but-still-totally-cool-and-rocking-it brother of mine!! :-)
-Oh! And Skittles got a full-time (I think I may have neglected to tell you he dropped out of school earlier this month?) job today. I'm happy for him, but also sad that I'm losing my personal chef and company in the evenings (he works 4-11 Mon-Thurs and either Sat or Sun).
-Found a kennel for Molly - that is, IF they take dogs as young as she is....I'm hoping yes, because she really needs to go and the only other option is the pound. *insert crying here* ... as for affording it, Skittles, K.02 and another friend are helping out with the cost, as well as I have a bit of money saved. I love my friends. She leaves on Monday if everything is kosher.
-There was another thing but my feet are so numb with cold (it's currently -22 outside and I have a window that's frozen open) that I really can't think of anything else. So....there's to attempt number 5652 to get some sleep tonight *roll eyes*

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