Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Found something far better than flowers....

Edible Arrangements

You know, I probably wouldn't mind never getting actual flowers from K.02 if he just bought me these all the time instead.

It's fruit. And chocolate. Arranged into a very pretty floral-type way (don't you just love those adorable pineapple daisies?).

Seriously, how could you go wrong?!

Oh YEAH, forgot to mention - daddy phoned the other night and I finally got the chance to tell him about K.02...Dad didn't believe me at all when I said it had been 6 months. And then he kinda grumbled and went "oh great, GRANDCHILDREN." ha. my daddy's a funny guy. *roll eyes*

(Now, please excuse me while I go wipe the drool from my chin).


Heather said...

That is cute, though it's a lot of fruit to eat at once!

I once got half fruit half flowrs from Ryan for Valentines which was great considering I was poor. I admired it for a day then scoffed the bananas, plums, peaches etc lol.

Kamie said...

Oh my! That looks SO good and makes me so hungry for summer fruits! :)


(After Dustyn and I got married, his mom sat us down and said "Honestly, how long have you guys known each other?" We told her again - she still does not really believe us to this day. It's so funny to me! She just knows that it had to be longer.)

Kelly said...

Oooo what a fabulous idea! I think I would prefer those to flowers too!

BTW you canucks are in trouble!