Sunday, March 23, 2008


Thought it was a time for a bright and cheery spring-like layout! Not too sure yet on the purple font...I think it'll need time to grow on me. Ah, there, green is a much better choice, I think.

The picture is of our Parliament's Peace Tower and the tulips (festival may 4-17) that bloom everywhere in the capital come spring. Isn't it pretty? I've decided to only have my header pictures of scenes from around my city, because it's so incredibly gorgeous and, well, goshdarnit, I love living here. The picture before this one was of the new pedestrian bridge over the Canal.

Happy Easter Everyone!


Kamie said...

I like the new look! Nice! (I was looking for a 3 column when I was redoing my blog - I couldn't find one!) :(

And you do live in a beautiful city!

Happy Easter!

her said...

Kamie - I found out how to do it through It requires editing the HTML but its really not that difficult - took me less than half an hour. Try it out:)

Ammietia said...

Nice look. :O Three column! I'm going to check that out. It would be much better for me in so many ways! If I can get it to work I think I'll check out what it looks like.

Happy Easter as well!

Heather said...

The piccie is great, but then I looove tulips, they are stunning!