Monday, March 17, 2008

Silly Fun

I just spent FAR too much time fooling around with this:

What can I say, it provided a solid hour of procrastination, lol.

PS: I think I like the copper colour more - your thoughts?

PPS: The important thing to note about the bridesmaid dresses is the length and the ivory ribbon. Other than that, I'd rather they choose whatever style top they're most comfortable in. And yes, Skittles is my maid of honour :P

PPPS: Whatever colour I decide for the bridesmaid dresses will be the colour of Skittles' vest & tie & also the colour of my sash. :)


Anonymous said...

Pretty!!! And cool!!!

Now I would do this myself but Michael is in the room with me and is very wedding averse & I don't wanna freak him out too much!!!!!!


Heather said...

I totally like the copper too.

Isnt a maid of honour/matron of honour usually married and bridesmaid's unmarried? You could just have a best man instead lol?

~kamie~ said...

Love the copper! :)