Monday, March 31, 2008

From Heather/KB et. al.

You can only use ONE word. The first word that comes to your mind. Don't think this through. This might be harder than you thought.

1- Where is your cell phone? ledge
2- Your hair? blonde
3- Work? student
4- Your father? amazing
5- your favourite thing? k.02
6- your dream last night? nothing
7- your favourite drink? Sprite
8- your dream car? Sporty
9- The room you are in? Bedroom
10- your fears? failing
11- What do you want to be in 10 years? Established
12- Who did you hang out with last night? Boys
13- What you are not good at? Crafts
14- Muffin? Man
15- One of your wish list items? DVD's
16- Where did you grow up? Everywhere
17- Last thing you did? Drink
18- What are you wearing? black
19- What aren't you wearing? socks
20- Your pets? Two
21- your computer? Laptop
22- Your life? blah.
23- Your mood? Sick
24- Missing? Health
25- what are you thinking about right now? yucky.
26- Your car? Bus
27- Your summer? outside
28- your relationship status? Amazing.
29- your favourite colour? yellow
30- When was the last time you laughed with meaning? yesterday
31- last time you cried? One.
32- school? ewww.
33- least favourite weather? freezingrain
34- soup? butternutsquash
35- movie? comedy.


Heather said...

Butternuts are pumpkin in NZ/Australia...did you know that?

Aww your hair is blonde? I thought it looked so flattering when it was red but it's not growing on my head so ignore me lol.

her said...

naturally it's blonde, and the red has nearly all grown out now, but really? you liked that really deep shade of red? why?

Heather said...

Firstly because the colour seemed to match your personality better.

It was vibrant and gave your face more definition and you just seemed to suit the darker hair...cant explain it beyond that lol.

Chelle said...

Thanks for stopping by. I have to say, I'm glad you did. I am really enjoying looking over your blog space. I appreciate your personality. You seem like a very thoughtful (as in deep and not just kindness) person.

The funny thing about the dog names is that Maggie is the #1 dog name, and Molly is #3. I still like them despite their popularity.;)

Kamie said...

Happy April Fools Day Her! :) Have a good one!

weedze said...

hmm this k.02 is he like your god should i be worried. I kinda like the blond thou. mind you brownish red is kinda hot. have i told you today elephant shoes

her said...

No, sweetie, actually you haven't.

elephant shoes you too.