Thursday, August 21, 2008

All over the place

That is what happens when I attempt to make cookies.

Yeah. I suck! (hahhahhaha, Keith just asked me if he could have a 'piece')
Olympic note: (what would these two weeks be without some mention in every post? Pul-eaze): Right now the beach volleyball match between the US and China is on. I think it's for the gold medal, but guess what?! I. DON'T. CARE. And why don't I care?
Because women's 10m platform diving is on, and we actually have a CANADIAN in it. I don't care if its just the semi-finals, I WANT TO SEE CANADIAN ATHLETES. I'm just a little fuming right now. GRR!
Did you guys hear about the South African woman in the 10k swim? All I can say is WOW. Can't wait to see how she does in 2012!
Oh, damn....our main anchor that does the "Olympic Prime" (6pm-midnight for us/6am-noon Beijing time) shift just announced his mom just died from complications of bone cancer, so he's heading home today. :( Thoughts are with him!
Anyway, I think Kamie did this meme awhile back, and I actually started looking for it in her archives (so I could link it) before I smacked myself in the head. I'm just going to say I found this one by clicking around on different blogs and leave it at that. Apparently it's called "It's Real Life" and the object is to take pictures of different random things around your place, but the cachet is you CANNOT primp things up or make the area seem better than it is. So here it is:
Your fridge:
Um. Yeah. See those pieces of paper tacked up? Daily and weekly "chore lists". Which I did one day to avoid doing chores, and haven't really looked at since. Ha.

A closet:
This is the front hall closet. I am refusing to even really look at it until fall, and then I'll go through a major sorting of it.

Kitchen sink:
Keith just finished doing the dishes...don't know why he left the water in it?

Um, it's a toliet?

Favourite shoes:
A nice pair of Wal-Mart ballet-style flats that I absolutely adore (I put them on the back of the couch to get a better picture), but they're falling apart. Hopefully I can find the exact same pair on Friday. (and YES, thats a carton of my cigarettes. Woops).

Favourite room in your house:
Okay, so it's not really a "room" in terms of walls, but it's our desk area against the far wall of the living room. I'm on the left, Keith on the right. Sorry it's so dark.

What your kids are doing right now:
Since I don't actually have human children, here are my fur-babies: Kitty-in-a-box and DEAD PUPPAY! (and no, that's not toliet/tissue paper, that's a pair of Keith's socks.)

Oh. My. Uh, that's all clean laundry. Really, it is. It was done LAST Monday and we haven't gotten around to putting it away yet. That's embarrassing.

Self portrait:

My inner-gangsta shines through. Yo, homie.


Heather said...

Totally enjoyed that meme lol. I should do that cleaning lady just left lol.

*goes off to read that article it linked to*

Mandy said...

I saw the story about the South African swimmer this morning on the today show....absolutely amazing.