Monday, August 11, 2008


- Olympics have been on non-stop in our house since Friday. And while I appreciate coverage of truly random countries in "mainstream" sports (Cuba vs. Netherlands in beach volleyball, anyone?) - really, I do - where's the bulk of the Canadian stuff? Every few hours CBC does an update of where each Canadian athlete placed in their respective events; and, yes, granted, we're placing mostly just outside the top 10, BUT I WOULD STILL LIKE TO SEE MY COUNTRY'S ATHLETES COMPETE. Geesh.

- If I hear that Royal Bank of Canada "Sarah" commercial ONE.MORE.TIME....

- Actually, make that all commercials. Especially that really cheesy Wonderbread one that pimps out little kids like there's no tomorrow and the Air Canada "Getting Athletes to the Games" ones.

- I am in love with Mark Tewksbury. Who is doing commentary? offering insight? in a professional manner for CBC in relation to the swimming events. Oh. My.

- Speaking of commentators, whoever the female was who did the commentary for the men's pre-lim in Gymnastics, SHUT.UP. I'd like to watch the gymnasts do their thing, not listen to you natter away about completely unnecessary things just because you like to hear yourself talk. Silence is golden, my dear. Especially when it comes to a show of athleticism and artistry that is gymnastics.

- We get it. It's hot and humid in Beijing. Of course it is, IT'S AUGUST. Now shut up about it.

- Little tip: When referring to the last Olympics, it should be simply "Last Olympics" OR "4 years ago in Athens" NOT "Last Olympics 4 years ago". I think the reason for this is glaringly obvious, don't you?
-Also, broadcasters; take note: When you refer to a players performance in Beach Volleyball as "She didn't play so good" it comes off as if you are an idiot. Because you are. Learn how to speak English properly, before you open your mouth again, please. Speaking English properly is your JOB.

- Michael Phelps (from the US, unfortunately) has 2 golds under his belt and is going for 6 more. Apparently he gets a million dollars from Speedo if he gets 7 gold. Will he? I'm rooting for him; a million dollars is a lot of zero's. He got his 3rd tonight. Five more to go!

- I'm heartbroken that our men's gymnastic team missed out on qualifying for the finals by something ridiculous like 4/10ths of a point. Especially when you consider what Kyle Shewfelt went through this last year (fractured both kneecaps in practice from landing wrong) to even BE there.

- By the way, what are your favourite events to watch? Mine are all Aquatic sports (swimming, diving, synchronized diving, synchronized swimming), Equestrian, Gymnastics, Modern Pentathlon and Rowing.

-Hows the time zone difference treating you? We're 12 hours behind; we get coverage from 6pm-2am and then 6am-noon, it seems like.


Kelly said...

Loving the Olympics at my place too - and I am not even much of a sports fan!

My favs are more of less the same as yours: gymnastics, swimming, equestrian, diving, rowing and anything the Kiwis are in.

BTW - I watched Canada lose to Italy in the archery yesterday :P

But mostly, I just feel cheated having learnt today that one of my favourite effects from the opening ceremony was faked:

Kamie said...

I love the Olympics and usually watch it non-stop. But this year, I have only watched ONE event. :( How sad is that. But it was awesome! (Synchronized diving)

But I thought your commentary was funny! :)

Hopefully I get to watch something soon!

I have no idea what time it is on. Sad, huh? :(

Jess said...

I like the swimming and diving stuff and the gymnastics. I get frustrated that they don't show everyone, though.

Heather said...

You know what annoys me (and it's totally trivial)? The way our commentators talk about the horses during the equestrian events. It almost sounds sexual! :S "Oh she is such a pretty young thing in action!"