Friday, August 22, 2008

8 Things About The Olympics

Okay okay okay...I KNOW I've been harping on the Olympics for two weeks now. It's almost over though! Just bear with me :P

Have you seen the girls who present the medals/flowers dresses??! OMGosh, are they ever PRETTY. Especially the ones for the swimming. I want one. Not to wear or anything, just to look at.

Softball and baseball are being cut but racewalking is okay?

The judging in the Taekwondo seems to be just a little off. Our commentators seem to see alot more points than the judges do. The COC even launched a protest for one of the athletes because of it (it was denied). However, we have a possible medal prospect in our women's 96kg division. She advanced to the semi-finals today.

Who came up with that stupid rule in freestyle wrestling that the last person to score a point in a bout wins?

Picture this:
2 guys, 2 minutes, best of 3 bouts.
First guy: "OH YES! got a point"
Second guy: "Oh damn, I have 20 seconds left...There we go! POINT!"
*Time runs out*
Second guy wins!

Am I the only one that thinks this in't a) fair or b) makes any sense?

Adam V.K. (our flagbearer, incidentally) choked in the men's 1000m K-1 final, coming 8th. I felt so sorry for him in the interview afterwards though and thought it was pretty tactless of the reporter to persist in the interview when it was obvious that Adam was really feeling the loss. Thankfully, he has another event tomorrow, the K-1 500, and yes, I will stay up until 3:45am to watch him for the second night in a row. Don't tell Keith, but he's (really) cute.

Add another bronze to the mix! Men's 1000 C-1; Thomas Hall. It was a close race for third, but Hall perserved for the final 200m for bronze. He said in an interview afterwards that he "couldn't feel anything, it was pure adrenaline....but I'm feeling it now, I'm dying."
(Have you seen what position they have to be in for the race?! OW OW OW.)

BMXing is confusing. Everything about it is really hard to keep track of. I won't even TRY to explain it, because I don't even really get it.
And its long. Really long, because every heat has 3 runs.
Did I mention its confusing?

Really ticked off at CBC for not announcing at all when synchro swimming (both team and duet) would be on, and even more ticked off that it was in the middle of the night with no repeats. So what if we aren't in medal contention? We have athletes in both events, and synchro swimming is gymnastics in water. Hell, we didn't even really HAVE athletes in most of the gymnastics events, and you still covered that. Gah!
I know I've complained about this before, but geez, a little support for our athletes would be nice. Its not just financial support that they need, you know.
Let's just say I'm disappointed in CBC's coverage, and leave it at that.


Heather said...

I saw quite a bit of the synchro swimming but by the time they covered it, Canada had performed already. I saw Russia, Aussie, China and another (I forget what country).

You know what I dont people end up these weird sports. What, do they wake up one morning and think "I think I'll take up 50km power walking for entertainment in my spare time"

Dont get me started on the choices of sports they include. Basketball but no netball? They are gonna keep trampolining and boot softball?

Mandy said...

THe wrestling scoring sounds really confusing. I saw some synchro swimming, but not much, because of work. Stupid work! As for race walking, its crazy-- my grandfather does it and actually went to an Olympic trial thing for the senior olympics. LOL.

Kelly said...

I thought the BMXing was kinda cool to watch - I think it will have boosted its popularity having it at such a big event and televised when minority sports like that usually would never make it on to the telly here.

I'm sad though that the Olympics is drawing to a close. I have hardly watched it this week but it was really cool to know that you could flick on the telly and find something interesting to watch every time.