Sunday, August 3, 2008


Remember this book? The one I said I wouldn't get until August 7th?

Finished it five minutes ago.

(Keith found it for me at Wal-Mart yesterday for nearly half the price. How could I resist?)

I thought it was really good, despite the reviews its apparently getting.

And the kitchen is done. I'm not going to show you pictures because all I did was clean out the cupboards, throw a pine IKEA table in the corner and a few decorations on the walls (big woop). Yesterday we made dinner together - lasanga and caesar salad. So nice to finally be able to eat and cook properly!

Now we're off for our weekly dinner at the In-laws. Apparently we're having ribs and its rumoured Keiths mom even baked a cake. Aww, I think we're missed.


Kelly said...

Wayhay! You have been a busy reading beaver!

Can you cancel your Amazon order or are you gonna end up with two copies of the same book?

sarah said...

Of course I cancelled it. :P

and yes, this past week has been a reading dream (and I still have a book and a half to go!). I miss reading like that, I used to do it all the time. I really should get myself a library card, huh?

Kamie said...

I haven't found a copy yet. :P All the stores are sold out.

I hope it's good! :)

Kelly said...

Hachette Book Group estimates that they sold 1.3 million copies of Stephenie Meyer's BREAKING DAWN on Saturday.

The company added a 500,000-copy reprint prior to publication, for 3.7 million copies in print.

Borders announced that its US stores and web site sold over 250,000 copies on opening day--"nearly 10 times what the retailer's first-day sales were for Eclipse, the third book in the series."

Ammietia said...

I finished around the same time you did. The book was great, but I don't think its my favorite in the series. And then there was that surprise factor, lots of "What the HECK?" moments for me.

I can see where the mixed reviews came from though...

Kamie said...

I bought mine tonight. Now I just have to find the time to read it. :)

sarah said...

oh hurry up and read it so we/I can discuss it! lol :D

Happy reading!