Friday, August 15, 2008

Eight things

From Heather, who wants me to do this, and Kamie, who did it in the first place.

8 TV Shows I Love to Watch: Friends, Flashpoint, House MD, Criminal Minds, ER, Grey's, Heroes.

8 Restaurants I Love: The Keg, Red Lobster, Tucker's Marketplace, any Chinese place, Wendy's (does that count?), any Vietnamese place that serves Pho, 2-for-1 pizza, Marroush's.

8 Things that Happened Today:
Got shot in the arm, filled out a withdrawal form, got 4 months of no-baby medicine, watched Olympics, drank five alcoholic beverages, yelled at teh cat & dog to stop fighting/playing, cleaned up dog puke, played the Sims.

8 Things I am Looking Forward to:
Getting a job, seeing Michael Phelps go for 7, cuddling with Keith, watching Flashpoint, not spending Christmas alone for the first time in 5 years, maybe my dad visiting this fall, getting to 1-year with Keith, getting engaged (or promised).

8 Things I Love about Summer:
No snow, afternoon showers, long days, air-conditioning, outdoor swimming, summer Olympics, thunder&lightening storms, Farmers Markets.

8 Olympic Events I Want to See/or Have Seen:
Gymnastics, swimming, dressage, synchronized diving, shotput, weightlifting, soccer, field hockey.

8 Things on My Wish List:
Tattoo, see Keith complete another course, finish my own program, tomatoes, lose weight, get a job, behaviour training for Molly.

8 People I Want to do this Survey:
Whoever wants to. Heather pretty much named them all, so. OH. I add Jess. And Michelle.


Heather said...

Dressage bores the crap out of me lol. Mind you I do like when the horses do the pretty slow motion trot.

weedze said...

Dressage has got to be the worst sport out there. id rather watch paint dry

Kamie said...

I don't even know what dressage is. :P Time to google.