Tuesday, August 5, 2008

End of Month Report

It's been a little over a full month since we've begun living in sin living together, and for the most part it's been great.

It's the first time I've lived with someone romantically; where it was "you and I and our stuff" rather than "you and I and each others stuff". We eat balanced dinners (that he cooks!) together every night; mostoften at a proper table rather than grab your own and eat wherever. We've combined our finances into one account; each and every decision is made together regarding what money goes where. There's no modesty involved; if we want to houseclean naked, all the more power to you. We discipline and care for Molly together (I admit to being "softer" than Keith. He calls it "Mommy sucky").

He's the easiest roommate I've ever had. Most nights we chill out side-by-side, each engrossed in our own screen; for shows like So You Think and Flashpoint we snuggle together on the couch, watch and discuss at length. There are frequent "air kisses" and random "I love you's" tossed out throughout the evening (and then there are the real kisses ;)) And each night we head off to bed together and snuggle for a bit before drifting off.

It hasn't all been on cloud nine though. We disagree most often about the dog, although it is getting better. I remember a couple of days being absolutely fustrated at him; a big long talk sorted it all out. He does things like never putting things back in their place (for example, if he's in the bathroom and takes his wallet out, I'll find it on the side of the tub), or leaves every single cupboard door open. I do things that annoy him too; he can't stand the sight or sound of me brushing my teeth, and when I eat directly from the can of Alphagettis he grinds his teeth in fustration (my stance on it is - why dirty a plate unnecessarily?).

However, if thats the worst of bad habits I can come up with, I'll take it. Here's to another month of co-existing peacefully in both love and home! (Next month is our 1-year; I think I'll need the entire month to just adjust to the fact that I made it to a year with someone!)


Kamie said...

I can't believe it's almost been a year! :)

I love reading your thoughts about the last month. You guys are awesome! I am glad you found each other.

weedze said...

It has been a year cause I have not found the key to this chain around my leg.

Heather said...

Why is it surprising you made it to a year with someone lol? I'm totally not surprised by that.

Kelly said...

Congrats on your awesome milestone!

Kamie said...

Oh and by the way - just to clarify! :) I was saying I can't believe time has gone by so quickly. Not I can't believe you two have made it a year. It seems like just yesterday when you post your 6 month mark. Time flies!