Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Can't think of a title....

Keith has to test his blood glocouse levels for 3 weeks to see if he has diabetes and his first reading was high - 7.6. Uh oh? Both his parents have it so the doctor was just concerned when she saw some abnormal readings over the last few appointments. I hope he doesn't have diabetes, I can't stand to see him prick himself every few hours. UGH!! Sorry, but seeing someone use a needle on themselves isn't my idea of a turn-on.

Of course I jumped in on the action and surprisingly my level came in at 5.2 (normal is anywhere between 5 and 7). So it looks like my mother was wrong with all that "stop eating so much sugar you'll get diabetes for sure later" doomsday talk, at least so far. Knock on wood.

Keith's making "fake spaghetti" which is just substituting a different pasta type than using actual spaghetti. We both much prefer the shorter stuff like rostini and penne. Less messy!

And now for a new feature: My "Non-Recipe" for the Week.
Tonight I made "Ghetto Garlic Cheesy Bread" to go with the "Fake Spaghetti"
Basically, you take a cookie sheet, pre-heat oven to 350, spread slices of bread (as many as wanted/needed) with butter, sprinkle with garlic salt, cover with slices of cheddar and pop in the oven until cheese is melted. VOILA! And there's my "Non-Recipe" for the Week.

Keith surprised me with Season 1 of Friends today when he came home from work. Yay! Such a sweetie he is. So now we have Seasons 1, 2, 3, 7 and 10. Oddly enough I kind of want Season 8 and 9 before the earlier seasons. I wonder why?

Mmmm, kay, that's enough rambling about nothing. For now, at least. :P


Kelly said...

Mmmmmm garlic! Michael isn't home tonight so I might just give that a whirl!

I prefer other types of pasta when having spag bol too for the less mess factor but Michael loves spagetti noodles so we have to alternate.

Kamie said...

Garlic Bread does sound good! And I am all about the fake spaghetti.

Hopefully Keith does not have diabetes. I am so not good with needles at all. Ever. :P

I love Friends, of course! I remember that is the reason why you started talking to me in the first place! :) Ha ha. Or maybe not, but that was the first time that you started commenting. :) So when I watch friends, I always think of you.

I think I would buy 8 and 9 before the earlier ones too! My problem is where I have all the seasons - all my friends and family ALWAYS want to borrow them. So I can't just watch the season I want. Kinda annoying. Oh well.

Heather said...

That's really not a bad reading. If that is his sugar reading, I'd say borderline and just diet would control it surely!

Being honest with you, I NEVER check my blood sugar levels. Like EVER lol. They get checked three monthly with a blood test (which calculates your average blood sugar for the previous 2-3 months) and they check it when I am in hospital but I dont do it. If I was on insulin I would have to, and I am meant to do it twice daily but nope, not happening!

Best of luck with his testing and results!