Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oh the streets are paved with silver...

Five more silvers and another bronze for us Canadians! In a DAY!
Silvers were earned in men's triathalon, mixed team equestrian, men's 3m springboard diving and men's and women's trampoline, with the bronze being in women's 100m hurdles.

One other thing about the Olympics: Is anyone else getting tired of hearing the Chinese anthem? No? Just me then....

I'm trying to resist re-doing my layout in one of those "Cutest blogs ever" layouts, because I want to be an individual, dangnabbit!, but it's SO HARD WHEN THEY'RE SO PRETTY. So far I'm resisting, but I don't know how much longer I can hold out.

I feel like doing a meme, except I can't find any. I know I do way too many of them as it is, but bear with me here. Can you help me out? Recommend a meme in the comments and I'll do one (or all!) in a future post. Just one request: I'm really sick of doing straight question memes. So, anything other than that.

Oh yeah, interview went fine. It was just basically a meet-and-greet with a few questions; hopefully they call me for a 2nd interview soon. Keep those fingers crossed! :)


Kamie said...

Fingers still crossed!!!

Totally sick of the Chinese anthem! Ha ha! Just kidding. :P Go Canada! I have no idea how many metals we get everyday. You are so much better at keeping track! :)

Yeah, I need a new blog look. I changed mine all up today, but I just don't love it yet. I am trying to design a new header, but it may take awhile. I too am trying to avoid the custest blog on the block. But some of them really are pretty! :)

I am not sure of a Meme yet, but I will keep thinking. :)

Good Luck with the JOB! :)

Kelly said...

We got GOLD today in the men's board sailing!!!! Very exciting. Also equally exciting was a bronze in the men's 1500m, our first medal in a track event since 1976. That brings our total tally to: 3 gold, 1 silver and 5 bronze. Not bad for a country of 4 million people which is you know, about the size of what the Chinese would call a village... and I'm with you about the Chinese national anthem thing. Sigh.

Heather said...

You know, I must totally zone out during the Chinese anthem. I've seen a gazillion golds for them and have no idea what the anthem sounds like lol.

I saw Canada win bronze in the 100m hurdles and I was so excited she got it coz our commentators were going on about how she was more chunky than the other atheles in the race and how they thought in her condition she was lucky to have reached the final at all. That'll teach 'em!

I'm really enjoying having both Australia AND NZ to cheer on.

I dont think I will keep having cutest blog designs, they are just a nice reprieve from me having to think up colour schemes after *gulp* six years of daily blogging.

You havent been writing as much lately, everything ok?

Chelle said...

Good luck with the interview! I really hope you get that second call.

I'm not sick of the Chinese anthem, but I am sick of the Chinese being underhanded and greedy. If their goal for having the olympics was to improve their image, they missed the target BIG TIME.