Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Living Room: After (A Series)

So I just remembered I never showed you what I did with the living room, and its the room in the apartment that changed the most, soooo....

Remember what it looked like before? *shudder* Let's not revisit those dark times, shall we? Instead, let's look at pretty pictures of the way it is now! YES! LET'S!

So...we separated the couch and moved them way up the wall(s). It opens up the room SO much more, don't you think? See that yellow and red blankie at the end of the couch? That's Molly's spot. She prefers laying on blankets to the floor most of the time. In fact, she's laying on it right now, playing DEAD PUPPAY!

Also: see those shelves on the wall? I want to take them down and I was originally going to paint them white, but now I think a deep rich red would compliment the couch and make it "pop" that much more. I'm not allowed to even think of painting the walls (booooo) so this is my consolation prize.

This is our little "office area". This is the only place in the entire apartment I'm allowed to smoke and I keep my no-baby medicine here too because if I didn't, I would NEVER remember to take it. This is where Keith and I spend most of our time at home; because the couch curls outwards, away from the wall, it kind of "sections off" the area. My desk is on the left, Keith is on the right. I love how on the top of my desk is a picture of us and a picture of my family and little knickknacks (the only knickknacks I own, actually), and the top of Keiths desk?

Hockey stuff. Of course.

This is the opposite wall. Both those chairs reclines, and we never sit on them, hence why they're covered in stuff. Next to that is my bookcase, and next to that (which you can't really see) is stuff that really should be in storage but we just don't have the room.

And this is the only thing that didn't change, really. Just the stuff on/in the cabinet did; can you believe its ALL KEITHS?? The guy has more knickknacks than I do! Unbelievable!! It's so big you can't really put it anywhere else; if you put it against the windows then it's pointless to have windows, and if you put it on either side wall then you're sitting waaay too close to it. Here you can see the storage stuff I was talking about. And Molly. Because she's adorable. YES SHE IS!

This is on the end of the long couch closest to the foyer; it's Mollys "bed blankie" and garbage pail full of her toys and stuffies. She also has a penchant for slippers so there's been a few unwilling donations on Keith's part added to the mix.

So that's it. That's my entire apartment, room by room. HA. Took me long enough.

With this project done and also the Olympics, what EVER shall I blog about now? Hmmm.


Heather said...

Definitely has a more homely feel to it now (and well, there isnt crap all over the floor lol).

Thats exactly where I keep my no-baby meds too lol.

Chelle said...

Don't you just love when you are finally settled in a new place? I hate that in-between mode.

As for new blogging things, guess you and sweetie will have to go out every night to wild parties. :D

Kamie said...

Ha ha ha. I love the new comment form! Too funny!

Kamie said...
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Jess said...

I have to say, the purple couch is awesome!