Thursday, August 7, 2008

One of those posts....

Seeing my puppy play with her toys on her back makes me smile. I'm so glad I have the chance to have her in my life and know her.

I don't have/grow hair on my legs from my knees to hips/waist. I don't know why, or even if thats a unique "talent", but it sure helps with the hair-removal process!

I get all squirmy and uncomfortable when a TV show or movie shows underwater scenes (especially if it "shows" being submerged). Even if its not scary or anything, I still don't like it.

I have to shower in a certain order, which is hair/face scrub/body wash. And afterwards I have to do things in a certain way too, which is q-tip my ears, brush my teeth and wipe down my glasses. If I don't do it I feel just a bit "off".

Speaking of brushing my teeth, afterwards I HAVE to smoke a cigarette. Why? No idea. You would think I like my mouth being fresh and clean. Apparently not.

I love garlic. Way too much. If I can get away with putting it whatever I'm cooking/eating, I will. Copious amounts of it.

I have a secret love of classic Disney movies and Disney soundtracks. I really want to start amassing a collection of Disney DVD's. For my unborn. Right. [ shift eyes here ] (I may have mentioned this before)

I don't understand how exactly Febreze got into everything cleaning product related (laundry detergent with Febreze? What?) but I do love their "odour eliminating" scented candles.

I am secretly in love with all the ladies from Golden Girls. I love Ma and everytime I see Betty White I just want to hug her silly. And Bea Arthur reminds me of my Grandmother. Apparently they're on TV somewhere, but I can't find it. This makes me sad.

Holy shiate, its 4pm already? ...I've officially done nothing all day and the house is still a complete mess. Oh well.


Heather said...

FINALLY! I've been trying to get the comments page to load for 20 minutes lol.

I love random entries!

I have a forrest on my thighs but only on the front of them!

So random about the underwater thing since you're a good swimmer!

Chelle said...

I love it when my dogs play on their backs too. There is nothing like a good dog. They are just so fulfilling.

It sounds like you, like most people, are a creature of habit. My showers are always in a certain order too and cannot be varied for any reason.

I hope your lazy day was awesome. :)

Kelly said...

You know one of the Golden Girls died recently?,0,6843248.story

Heather said...