Thursday, August 14, 2008

What does this look like?

What does that look like?

US bombing Iraq yet again?

The fragile peace-treaty totally disintegrating in Jordan?

Would you believe me if I said it was a propane explosion in northeast Toronto?

Thankfully (?) only (?) two lives were lost; one of them a firefighter from a heart attack. The police evacuated 12,500 people within a 3.2 km area and shut down a section of the highway and subway system for hours.

As well, 100 homes can't be re-entered because of air-borne asbestos residue and 6 are structurally unsound and have to be assessed by engineers.

Yesterday, a press conference turned into a shouting match between local city councillors and residents of the area. The politician accused one man "of using the death of a firefighter for partisan purposes and told him to "shut up."" (

Three class-action lawsuits, one seeking 300 million in damages, have been filed against the propane company and the City of Toronto.

Toronto is about 5 hours northeast of Ottawa. It is the largest city in Canada at 2.5 million residents and is the seat of Ontario's provincal government.

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Kamie said...

Scary! I am glad not many lives were lost. :(